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August Intensives – Fast Track Your Natural Therapies Training

Aminya Academy August Intensives are the perfect opportunity to fast track your Natural Therapies qualifications. Our courses are Government Accredited.

This is an opportunity to fast track your natural therapies qualification from our pristine location at Marcoola on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We are only a few minutes from the airport and directly opposite a wide variety of resorts and accommodation, as well as Marcoola Beach!

A full list of units being offered is listed below. You can also visit our Sunshine Coast course calendar for other sessions that have been scheduled. These are constantly updated. If you have any questions please contact our Sunshine Coast Campus.

We hope you can join us! Please contact us to reserve your spot as places are limited.

Basic Massage – 4 Days | August 1, 2, 3 & 8

This unit describes the skills required to prepare clients for and to administer basic massage treatment. To
describe the skills and knowledge required to interpret information gathered in the health assessment then
make and review accurate assessment for basic massage treatment, according to the philosophy and
practices of a massage therapy framework.

Musculo-Skeletal – 2 days | August 4 & 5

Musculo-skeletal describes a detailed level of knowledge of anatomy and physiology required to confirm
physical health status including skeletal structure, function, formation and movement and the in-depth
knowledge of the relationship between muscles and the skeleton.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – 4 days |August 4-7

Learn the origins and history of lymphatic drainage and an overview of lymphatic, immune, circulatory,
endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. Learn also indications, contraindications, precautions of
lymphatic drainage and how to utilise essential oils in this unit.

Infection Control & WHS (2 days), Clinic Orientation – 3 days | August 7-9

This unit covers general Infection Control and WHS requirements according to legislation and codes of
practice, including duties and responsibilities for all parties under the general duty of care. Work will usually
be performed within a prescribed range of functions involving known routines and procedures.

Provide Aromatherapy Massage Treatments – 4 days | August 9-12

This subject provides the student with the skills necessary to perform a full body aromatherapy therapeutic
massage, including knowledge of an aromatherapy environment, points to note with massage therapy
treatment, contraindications, and precautions, keeping good client history records and aromatherapy
massage sequences.

Structural Alignment 1 – 2 days | August 12 & 13

Structural Alignment Analysis 1 provides the skills and knowledge required to confirm physical health status using observation and palpations and also assessing posture, gait, mobility and length of pertinent muscles.

Foundations of Product Making – 2 days | August 13 & 14

Describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare a client for an aromatherapy treatment and
negotiate a treatment management plan with them over the course of treatment required. It also describes
the skills and knowledge required to develop aromatherapy products according to aromatherapy principles.

Development Aromatherapy Treatments for conditions – 2 days | August 15 & 16

Develop Aromatherapy Treatments describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare a client for an aromatherapy treatment and negotiate a treatment management plan with them over the course of treatment required.It also describes the skills and knowledge required to develop aromatherapy products according to aromatherapy principles.

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology – 2 days | August 17 & 18

This unit describes the application of in-depth level of knowledge of anatomy and physiology required to
analyse available health information in relation to specific services provided. History and information of
various modalities including Western modern, traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine will be covered.
Body systems will be reviewed and taught, including nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic,
immune and integumentary among others.

Engage with Health Professionals – 2 days | August 21 & 22

This unit introduces the student to natural therapies in general. The student investigates the options of
other practitioners in their area and learns how to make referrals.

Interpret and Use Information About Nutrition and Diet – 2 days | August 23 & 24

This unit requires the operator to demonstrate in their practice an understanding of nutrition as it applies to
the performance of natural therapy treatments. Knowledge of relevant legislation and workplace policies
and procedures, particularly in regard to safety and hygiene, are also required.

Provide Remedial Massage Treatment for Athletes – 4 days | August 25-28

This unit teaches the skill and knowledge required to administer remedial massage treatments for athletes
and includes myofascial release, trigger point therapy, reducing muscle tension, promote flexibility and
treating specific sporting injuries.

Advanced Product Making – 2 days | August 25 & 26

Create products for individual therapeutic application, bottle and label products correctly. Research and
discuss the history of perfumery and identify the dilutions of the perfumes and waters. Discuss packaging
and presentation of productions.

Reflexology 1 – 4 days | August 30 – September 2

This unit addresses the necessity for the student to understand the basic requirements for employment
within a reflexology environment, addressing reflexology as a complementary health care modality,
researching its history and evaluating its use in the health field workplace.

Visit our calendar for full details and any changes.

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Remedial Massage and Private Health Insurance – getting value for money

facial massageIt’s a new year and that means most health funds reset – time to check your cover!

Do you know what you’re getting cover for when you signed up for private health insurance?
There are a lot of people who have ‘extras’ or ‘ancillary’ cover on their private health insurance who are not taking regular opportunities to avail themselves of the rebate for remedial massage.

When, for example, we signed up for health insurance with our current provider, we stated that we would like cover that includes rebates for regular massage therapy. When the calculations were done, the salesman stated that our level of cover equated to the ability to have a discounted massage every 2 weeks.

“Sweet!” I thought. Because I usually have a remedial massage every 3 weeks to manage ongoing myalgia issues. So now I just have my regular appointments made every three weeks, stay healthy and happy (happy wife, happy life, right?)

But how do you choose a quality massage therapy provider and how do you know they are providing that services and not just a ‘back-yarder’?back massage

Here are a few things to look for when considering a remedial massage therapist:

Are they a registered member of a natural therapies association?

Look for associations such as Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT), Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) and (AMT).

If these are not readily visible on the person’s advertising, then simply ask, or look them up. The associations have their registered members listed.

A registered massage therapist has undergone an industry recognised and accredited training, has a current first aid certificate and public indemnity insurance.

pregnancy massageAre they registered with HICAPS?

HICAPS is a financial scheme which allows the holder of participating health insurance cards to claim their rebate ‘on the spot’ and the consumer simply then pays the gap directly to the provider.

Whilst this is not mandatory, it demonstrates a level of commitment to the industry by having made the steps to be recognised by the big health insurance providers. Medibank Private currently governs the status quo of massage therapy in the HICAPS arena.

HICAPS is also convenient for consumers as they can pay for everything with card – health insurance card and credit cards. No cash necessary.

hicaps logoSo check out your private health insurance to see what you can get as a rebate for massage therapy – it’s easy, just ask for a quote! If you ‘re considering a particular therapist it’s also okay to ask what their fee is so that you can get a corrected quote from your provider. That way you know how much gap fee you’ll need to pay. Makes the treatment a lot more enjoyable when you know what the bill will be and not getting a surprise at the end!

Have a great week!

Kirsty is an experienced remedial massage therapist who owns and operates a studio business at Strathpine called Caring Cottage. You can contact her anytime for more information or go on the webpage


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