Are you Coughing to be Heard?

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Coughing to Be Heard | Elizabeth Hughes
Irritation to the throat and lungs causes a cough as a natural healthy response to rid the body of the irritant. Most of us cough now and again, but coughing can become uncontrollable and be a sign of an infection in the airways.  Coughs can be productive in order to expel mucus, however a dry cough is non-productive.

Coughing is a wonderfully noisy condition. The whole household can hear you coughing, so this symptom can occur because we feel the need to be heard. We want attention. “Listen to me” says our cough, “I  am irritated”.

Write out the following affirmations and post them on your bathroom mirror. As you brush your teeth morning and night repeat these words to yourself:

  1. I am listened to and understood
  2. I express myself easily and clearly
  3. I have room to breathe.

Use a humidifier to keep the air moist. Even bowls of water stood around the room can help, but you will need to refill every few days as they will collect dust.

Eating the right foods can help too. Licorice tea can help make a cough more productive. Slippery elm powder in a glass of water can help a dry cough. Soups have been shown to be good for coughs, especially chicken soup. Spicy foods can have an expectorant effect.

Keep Vitamin C levels high by consuming lots of kiwis, blueberries, citrus fruits and broccoli.  And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Avoid dairy products  as these can encourage mucus production as can bananas, oats and wheat products in some people.  Caffeine in tea, coffee, chocolate and cola should also be avoided as they can contribute to dehydration.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elizabeth Hughes is the founder of Your Body Has The Answer Pty Ltd and was Head of Progressive Kinesiology in the United Kingdom. She graduated from Warwick University in England, with a B.A. Honours degree in Psychology and Education.

As well as running a busy private health centre, teaches the nationally recognised Diploma of  Kinesiology. She is an Advanced Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, has studied Cranio-sacral therapy and Aromatic medicine.

She is author of the comprehensive self help books YOUR BODY HAS THE ANSWER and YOUR CHILD’S BODY HAS THE ANSWER which guide you through common health conditions and how to treat them naturally.

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