Aromatic Medicine Skills Set

Aminya Academy is the only college accredited to teach internal application of essential oils in Australia.

Aromatic Therapies Skill Set HLTSS00046

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 The Aromatic Therapies Skill Set provides competence in Aromatic Medicine.

The key clients for this qualification are:

  • Current holders of the Diploma of Aromatherapy
  • Current holders of the Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy

This qualification provides competence in aromatic medicine. Practitioners at this level are self-employed as independent practitioners and have the ability to prescribe essential oils for internal use. Practitioners at this level may be involved in undertaking research activities.

It covers the provision of aromatic medicine to clients with specific needs such as palliative, aged and women and children. An Aromatherapist at this level operates within legislative and regulatory requirements and may work in the following environments:

  • A massage clinic
  • Aged care facility
  • Health service
  • Spa facility
  • Palliative care facility or hospital

An aromatherapist at this level will have an in-depth knowledge of an extensive range of essential oils and application methods. They will have the ability to prescribe for absorption by internal interfaces.

Outline of Qualification for Aromatic Therapies Skill Set | HLTSS00046

  • HLTARO008 Prepare and dispense aromatic formulations
  • HLTARO009 Select and advise on aromatic therapies
  • CHCPOL003 Research and apply evidence to practice


Aromatic Therapies Skill Set Students of Aminya are eligible to apply for membership to IAAMA, SNTR & ANTA