How to lose weight from a Kinesiological perspective

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woman - freedomWeight loss is an issue for many in our community. After the holidays most people are feeling a bit sluggish and looking at  fasting, detoxing, and joining a gym.

Although the answer may seem simple: eat less and exercise more, the reality is far more complex.  For lasting success, psychological factors, hormonal factors and dietary needs must be explored and a holistic approach taken.

Kinesiology allows you to get to the root cause of why you have put on weight and why you are struggling to lose it.

I find with my clients that the cause is often emotional. Layers of fat can be seen as layers of protection. If you feel frightened or insecure you can put on weight in self-defence.

Could carrying weight make you feel less attractive and therefore safer?

You may have put on weight because you want to be noticed.

The bigger you are, the more attention you receive. Has someone ignored you or rejected you recently or in the past?

To dissolve some of the emotional and psychological factors that could be holding weight on your body try the Australian Bush Flower Essence – WILD POTATO BUSH – It is for feeling heavy and physically encumbered and will help you feel light and revitalised. You can easily buy a bottle of this in the health food store or pharmacy.

Affirmations can also help you feel more positive about losing weight. Repeat the following sentences to yourself morning and evening:

  1. I achieve the perfect weight for me easily
  2. I am always noticed and respected
  3. I am safe and secure at all times

I write the affirmations on sticky notes and pop them on my bathroom mirror so as I clean my teeth morning and night I use that time to read and repeat them.

I hope you will embrace a kinesiological approach to your health and start to shed some heavy layers both emotionally and physically from your body.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elizabeth Hughes is the founder of Your Body Has The Answer Pty Ltd and was Head of Progressive Kinesiology in the United Kingdom. She graduated from Warwick University in England, with a B.A. Honours degree in Psychology and Education.

As well as running a busy private health centre, teaches the nationally recognised Diploma of  Kinesiology. She is an Advanced Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, has studied Cranio-sacral therapy and Aromatic medicine.

She is author of the comprehensive self help books YOUR BODY HAS THE ANSWER and YOUR CHILD’S BODY HAS THE ANSWER which guide you through common health conditions and how to treat them naturally.

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