Natural v Commercial Products

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Words Jill Casteleijn

Have you ever experienced being sold the latest “whooped-de-do” skincare, started to use it the next day and found your skin was irritated, stinging and red.  What you are experiencing is a DETOX REACTION; your skin is trying to break down the chemicals in the product to bring about balance or HOMEOSTASIS to your skin.  This is one of the main reasons why using a totally natural product gives you one-hundred per cent, the optimum result that you desire in having beautiful, moist, glowing and toned skin.

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We need to use ingredients like Jojoba oil, as it is the closest natural plant extract to the sebum of our skin.  Another natural ingredient that is wonderful for the skin is organic shea butter as it is great for preventing skin from ageing, protects it from sun damage and is an antioxidant.

All ingredients used in Aminya formulations keep the sebum in place which protects our skin from sun damage and pollutants such as hydrosols (knows as floral waters), clays, aloe vera, herbal extracts, and natural beeswax (unprocessed).

When we (natural therapists), design skin care, we take into account the entire make up of our epidermis (outer layer of skin), right through to the basal layers deep under the skin.  Natural products penetrate the surface of the skin and are absorbed into the basal layers where new skin is being continually processed, we have new skin every 28 days.  Natural exfoliants are used to slough off the old skin making way for the new skin being produced without removing the sebum.  This also enables the creams, lotions and gels put on the skin to be properly absorbed.

Being able to choose your natural ingredients enables you to formulate your products to suite your client’s individual and/or your own personal needs.  Adding quality essential oils of your choice allows you to tailor your skincare and products.

There is NO real comparison to Natural versus Chemical – choose the natural way for healthy, moist, glowing skin.  Know what’s in your products, MAKE YOUR OWN.

This article first appeared in Holistic Bliss Magazine authored by our Aminya Academy teaching practitioner Jill Casteleijn.

About the author: Jill Casteleijn has taught and practised Aromatherapy for many years.  She is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Aromatic Medicine Practitioner.   She is passionate about Natural Health and Beauty and using and producing products of integrity and quality.

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