Reflexology Subjects Explained

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Reflexology is the art and science that based on the principle that reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to organs, glands and other body parts. Using the thumb and fingers, the specially trained Reflexologist works these reflex areas to facilitate the healing process. It is a fast-growing therapy that is rapidly gaining acceptance by both the general public and within sectors of the orthodox medical field.

The Diploma of Reflexology HLT52515 includes a comprehensive range of approaches to prepare the Reflexologist in a wide range of settings including:

Reflexology 1 – Reflexology for Relaxation

May 28-29 & June 4-5, 2022 | New date to be confirmed

This unit addresses the necessity for the student to understand the basic requirements for employment within a reflexology environment, addressing reflexology as a complementary health care modality, researching its history and evaluating its use in the health-field workplace.

Reflexology 2 – Perform advanced reflexology techniques – Basic Podiatry

Perform Advanced Techniques | July 9-10 & July 16-17, 2022

In this subject students will learn advanced reflexology techniques and additional reflex areas. Hand reflexology will be introduced in this module and a range of techniques will be taught. Biomechanics, common foot disorders and conditions will be covered. (Prerequisite Reflexology 1).

Reflexology 3 – Perform hand, ear & foot joint mobilisation

Perform Hand, Ear and Foot Joint Mobilisation | July 30-31 & August 6-7, 2022 

This unit is designed to allow the student to integrate various Reflexology Methods: Hand Reflexology, Auricular Reflexology and Foot Joint Mobilisation will be taught in this module. Furthermore students will discuss and explore common disorders and how to apply Reflexology effectively to these health issues.

Reflexology 4 – Universal reflexology techniques – Feet reflections

Universal Reflexology Techniques | December 2-4 & 10-11, 2022

Throughout this module students will be taught the Universal Method of Reflexology. This method is a subtle energy technique and students will be encouraged to explore the metaphysical component of illness. Foot reflexions will be taught which will allow the student to gain further tools necessary when analysing the feet.

Reflexology 5 – Oriental reflexology techniques. Advanced Clinical Techniques

Oriental Reflexology Techniques | Dates to be confirmed 

Throughout this module students will be taught a variety of Asian Reflexology techniques, including Thai Foot Massage, Oriental Reflexology and the acupuncture points and meridians of the hands and feet. Students will practice Reflexology using Asian tools and gain a greater scope evaluation of Reflexology methods .

Reflexology is offered on campus at Aminya Natural Therapies Academy, Marcoola, Sunshine Coast and Cairns, North Queensland. You can download a full prospectus outlining all course inclusions and fees at

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