BRAVE – Back to School with Essential Oils by Susanne Turner

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Is your child needing a little support going back to school or starting something new?

I graduated from Aminya Natural Therapies with a Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy and late last year released a range of  I AM bath soaks, foot soaks and Mood oils.

All products have been formulated with pure essential oils sourced from a range of excellent suppliers,  and follow a theme of I AM .. designed to encourage reflection, self awareness , self love, and discussion around the I AM’s that we are creating for ourselves.

Mood oils include – I AM Calm, I AM Free, I AM Enough, I AM Peace, I AM Beautiful, I AM Travelling, I AM Focused,  I AM Loved and I AM Sleepy.
Each bottle contains an affirmation and a reminder.

I am BRAVE mood oil has been gently formulated with children in mind and is available in a 10ml Roll on Bottle.

This perfect little back to school blend contains  Australian Jojoba oil, Australian Lavender, Frankincense and Juniper Berry and is  a gentle reminder that you or your loves ones can choose courage and be brave.  Lavender was chosen for its calming properties, Frankincense for its support with fear, insecurity and anxiety, and Juniper because energetically it encourages determination, confidence and protection.

Roll on a little on their wrists as they start the day and remind them …..


Deep Belly breathing communicates to your body that you are safe and are going to be okay, Breathe slowly and deeply. You can even count quietly in between breathes as you do this.


Shoulders back, stand tall.  You can do this.  Putting your shoulders back helps you to feel stronger and enables the deep breaths to get right down into your stomach.  Stretch if you need to.


It is okay to be scared and brave at the same time. Accept yourself for what you are feeling. Accept the situation.


It is okay to communicate to someone how you are feeling. Connect with someone who may be able to help. Your voice matters. It is also really important to be kind to yourself and to tell yourself that you are going to be okay


Feel your worries float away as you exhale.  Make your exhale  ( that’s the bit where you let your air go out of your belly) longer than the breath you take to fill up your belly)  Exhale for as long as you can. This can take practice – and that is okay too. You can do this.

Products are available on Susanne’s Website. 

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