Core Subjects | All Diploma Students

What are Core Subjects?

Core subjects are essential modules common to all DIPLOMA STUDENTS who are studying, Clinical Aromatherapy, Remedial Massage and Reflexology diplomas with Aminya Naural Therapies Academy.

Core subjects are completed to achieve your qualification, based on competencies determined by ASQA, the Australian Skills Quality Authority, which is Australia’s training standards regulator. 

Achieving your qualification through an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) ensures your training is of a high standard of excellence and is recognised by other training organisations should you wish to expand your qualifications in the future. 

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Where to begin...

Infection control and clinic orientation prepare you to safely and effectively operate in a clinical environment. These subjects are a pre-requisite to commencing your clinic hours. We recommend that you begin as soon as possible.

  • Infection control is a self-paced course that can be completed at home
  • Clinic Orientation combines 2 x online zoom sessions and 1 x face to face session
  • Anatomy and Physiology should be commenced as soon as possible. It is self-paced, and is the foundation for all other practical modules.


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Foundational theoretical knowledge

The following subjects are undertaken by all Diploma students and can be completed at any time. You can register by clicking on each image, and following the prompts. Please see our student calendar for dates. 

Clinical Practice